The Field Sock

The Field Sock

Jun 29, 2023

Product Overview

The FieldSock It is made of polypropylene, nylon, and spandex. We added additional cushion to the heel through the foot and over-toe section.

The FieldSock was created with an Outer Sleeve attached to a main sock. The outer sleeve is stitched to the main sock directly in the middle so that it creates an Upper & Lower Cuff.

The FieldSock was built with four functions in mind.


1) Field Sock, Wear as a regular sock until function is needed.

2) Upper Cuff of Outer Sleeve can serve as an inconspicuous holding spot, say for cash. Or tucking your pant leg into it while riding a bike to work. 


3) Outer Sleeve Bottom Cuff, You can turn a sock into a Gaiter Sock by pulling the bottom cuff over  top of the shoe. sealing the gap between Shoe’N’Sock.   


4) Outer Sleeve Bottom Cuff can also be used to roll shoe laces up then pull the upper cuff down over rolled laces for added strength. This is perfect for athletes who need laces bound or a  sleeve for their shin guards. Those in construction, anyone using a ladder, Having your laces  Concealed is just smart. 

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