Reclaim The Mind and Your Happiness

Jun 24, 2023

How To Reclaim Your Own Mind, Stop The Invasion Of My Mind

Setting Boundaries:

"Not Even The Dead Can Cross,"

Reclaiming Your Mind:

We know how tough it can get when Evil finds your weakness.

FIRST: "Reclaim Your Mind"

There are three voices you need to fully understand where they come from and what drives them.

The voice of "The World"

The voice or thoughts you sometimes get, come from a few things. You watch TV, listen to the radio, and see the families that live on your street. All of this information creates an image or an idea, of what you need to do in order to fit in. Example: Well, if they got it, I'm sure it's ok, or I saw the ad on TV and it looks good. Once you see or hear something enough, it gets embedded in your memory. This is what commercials aim for. When your in the store and walk by an item, you will remember what you saw or heard and buy it.

Be aware of everything, because everything has a motive or intention.

The voice of "The Flesh"

This is the voice inside your head—the voice that is the first to point out when you do something wrong. The voice that says, "You're stupid; you won't amount to anything." The flesh basically wants you to be nobody—no friends, no dog, no lizard, nothing.

The voice of "The Conscience"

The final voice comes from your gut; others call this your "conscience." This is your gateway to your energy, or spirit. Your conscience can pick up an individual frequency and call home. When you pray, it is my intuition that when you truly focus on prayer, your faith is defined in terms we don't understand. Your subconscious picks up frequencies specifically created just for this, letting the help you need, or whatever the case may be, be known in the heavenly realms. Where your prayer; AKA "vibrations—the bible calls them threads," are picked up and boosted to the most high.

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If your mind is weak, meaning easily persuaded, ignorant, or naive, once you succumb to negative thoughts, it won't be long before you act upon them. This is how evil operates in our world—convinced that acting out will make the thoughts vanish. But that statement is a lie!

The voice will tell you that no one loves you, that you're worthless. It tricks you into believing that thinking the thought is equivalent to committing the act. It urges you to just do it, baby.

But remember, there is someone who loves you, knows you inside out, and will never abandon you.

For those unfamiliar with these concepts, pay attention because this malevolent entity lurks in the unseen realm, accessible through our minds. By weak-minded, I refer to this vulnerable spot.

If your mind lacks conviction, if you remain ignorant of the hidden reality behind the curtain, you become a prime target. Evil preys on the uninformed, as they are easily swayed and convinced of their own madness.

But in truth, that couldn't be further from reality. This evil has deceived the world into believing it's mere fiction, just fairy tales. If you continue to embrace this falsehood, you are doomed. If you or someone you know is caught in this situation, consider it a fortunate encounter. Luck had nothing to do with it.

To reclaim your happiness and joy, trust the deep-seated feeling in your gut that affirms the truth in what you're reading here. It's the path to regaining what was stolen from you: your peace of mind and love for yourself and others.

You must listen to these words now:

EPH 6:11-12

This is by far the verse that makes the most sense to me and has saved me on numerous occasions.

For our struggle is not against the enemy of flesh and blood but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the unseen powers of this present darkness, and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.

I put on the full armor of God so that I'm able to stand against the schemes of the devil. I know that my struggles are not against flesh and blood, but against the darkness and against the satanic forces that lurk in every city that makes up this planet we as humans dwell in.

Now, suppose you engage in watching horror movies. Simply exposing yourself to negative films can trigger certain thoughts. This is precisely why parents discourage their children from watching scary movies or pornography.

They claim that prolonged exposure to pornography can lead to the formation of a habit that's difficult to break. Some even assert that it's as addictive as heroin—an audacious statement indeed. Anything can become addictive if you subject your flesh, mind, and spirit to it for a prolonged period.

Just as you need to nourish your body to keep it strong, you also need to nurture your spirit. Failure to do so renders you vulnerable, complacent, and easily swayed due to a lack of spiritual guidance from your parents or just yourself.

However, it's not entirely their fault; blame can be traced back to their own upbringing, and the cycle could continue indefinitely.

Feeding your spirit, on the other hand, empowers and fortifies you. It erects what I like to call "firewalls"—barriers against the malevolence that seeks to intrude. If it hasn't happened yet, rest assured, it will. Negative occurrences befall all who inhabit this fractured world.

Let me remind you; even if you don't know what's true and what's not, don't listen to your constituents or your neighbors, listen to yourself, to that inner child. But first, give yourself a chance at knowing the truth. Let your heart or soul decide the truth.

We are all made to yearn for truth, so read the Big Bang or whatever is in your mind that might be the truth. Then read the absolute truth in my words, "The Holy Bible."

Go to Netflix to watch a documentary that an atheist produced with the goal of refuting the Bible. All they did was come to understand that every prophecy the Bible has spelled out up to this time Has come to pass, and not just partial, but all of the different pieces each prophecy holds. Has come to pass. The ones that have not are still in the future.

Remember this, WISDOM:

Wisdom is derived from various sources and experiences. Here are a few key contributors to the acquisition of wisdom:

  1. Knowledge: Wisdom often begins with gaining knowledge and understanding about a subject or life in general. It involves accumulating information, facts, and insights through education, learning, and exploration.
  2. Experience: Personal experiences, both positive and negative, play a significant role in shaping wisdom. Going through different situations, challenges, and successes allows individuals to gain valuable lessons and perspectives.
  3. Reflection: Taking time to reflect on past experiences, actions, and decisions can deepen understanding and lead to insights. Reflection allows for introspection and evaluation of one's thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors, leading to personal growth and increased wisdom.
  4. Learning from others: Listening to the wisdom and experiences of others, such as mentors, role models, or elders, can provide valuable guidance and insights. Learning from their successes and mistakes can help in making wiser choices.
  5. Open-mindedness: Being open to different perspectives, ideas, and opinions enables individuals to expand their understanding and challenge their own beliefs. Embracing diverse viewpoints fosters intellectual growth and allows for the development of wisdom.
  6. Emotional intelligence: Understanding and managing emotions, as well as empathizing with others, is an important aspect of wisdom. Emotional intelligence helps in making thoughtful and compassionate decisions that consider the well-being of oneself and others.

It's important to note that wisdom is a lifelong journey, and it continues to evolve and deepen over time through ongoing learning, self-reflection, and embracing new experiences.

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