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Jun 14, 2023

Ideas That Worked: Swept Under the Rug, No One Noticed!


There was a kid who was full of inspiration and had visions of everything he touched. His constituents were schooled every time they worked with him in school and out. He was a man who had something to give; he didn't think about dollar signs. He and one other person that I know only thought of a better world for all of future humanity. As the saying goes; "there is more than one way to skin a buck". Most of Nikola Tesla's ideas didn't come with a heavy price tag.

This was the reason why people in power did not back him and his dreams.

This was the reason why the people in control had their puppets create smear campaigns against Nikola and the propositions he submitted to government entities.

What Would Have Been Nikola's Legacy, "Misconstrued Purposely"

Nikola Tesla envisioned a system called the "World Wireless System" or the "Wireless World System" that aimed to provide wireless communication across great distances, including the ability to transmit voice and data without the need for physical connections like wires or cables. While his plans and patents outline various aspects of the system, including wireless power transmission, Tesla's specific approach for cordless phones utilizing the Earth and atmosphere is not extensively documented.

The above statement would have cost much less, and today, "we the people" may have had free cellular if people in power had backed Mr. Tesla.

Let me reiterate something that I have come to discover as I have looked over numerous documents and texts, "anything that held significant value" for the future of all mankind would stand to pay a heavy price. Was purposely "lost, stolen, burned, exedra".

Nikola Tesla Would Have Proved His Theory Was Practical:

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Nikola Tesla envisioned the possibility of using the Earth and its atmosphere as a means of wirelessly transmitting energy and communication signals. While his specific plans for cordless phones are not well-documented, his overall concept involved utilizing the Earth as a conductor and establishing a global wireless communication system.

Tesla believed that by tapping into the Earth's natural electrical properties, it would be possible to transmit power and information without the need for traditional wired connections. He proposed the creation of a network of grounded stations and towers that would serve as transmitters and receivers.

Using Earth's Electrical Currents to Facilitate Communications:

Tesla believed that the Earth's atmosphere could serve as a conductor and facilitate the wireless transmission of electrical signals. He proposed the construction of a network of elevated transmitting and receiving stations that would interact with the earth's electrical properties to establish global communication.

According to some accounts, Tesla envisioned a device that individuals could carry, akin to a small handheld radio, that would allow wireless communication over long distances. However, detailed information about the specific mechanisms or

Tesla's idea involved leveraging the earth's conductivity to propagate electrical energy and communication signals through the atmosphere.

The exact mechanisms for achieving this transmission were not fully explained in his writings, and the specific details of how cordless phones would function within this system are not extensively documented. Tesla's work in wireless power transmission and his experiments with electromagnetic waves laid the foundation for the technologies that followed. While his specific vision for cordless phones utilizing the earth's conductivity did not come to fruition, his contributions to electrical engineering and wireless communication continue to influence modern technologies and inspire further advancements.

Thomas Edison, Purchased by the United States Government:

Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla had differing views on electrical current, which led to what is known as the "War of the Currents" during the late 19th century. Edison championed direct current (DC) as the dominant form of electrical power transmission, while Tesla advocated for alternating current (AC). It's important to note that the debate between them was more about the practical implementation and commercialization of electrical systems rather than the soundness of the underlying scientific principles.

Thomas Edison's preference for DC stemmed from his invention of the practical incandescent light bulb, which operated on DC power. Edison believed that DC had advantages in terms of safety and simplicity for local distribution systems, particularly for lighting applications.

However, DC had limitations in terms of transmission over long distances due to significant power losses.

On the other hand, Nikola Tesla championed AC due to its ability to be easily transformed into different voltage levels and its suitability for long-distance transmission. Tesla's work included the invention of AC induction motors and transformers, which facilitated efficient power distribution over large areas. AC allowed for higher voltages and lower currents, which reduced power losses during transmission.

In terms of soundness, both DC and AC are valid forms of electrical current, each with their own advantages and applications. The choice between them depends on the specific requirements and constraints of the electrical system being considered.

In the end, Tesla's vision for AC power transmission prevailed due to its practicality for long-distance distribution and the successful implementation of AC systems, such as the Niagara Falls power project. AC became the dominant form of electrical power transmission globally and remains the standard in modern power grids.

It's worth noting that both Edison and Tesla made significant contributions to the field of electrical engineering and technology, and their contrasting views and innovations have shaped the development of electrical systems in different ways.

In the end, Thomas Edison was for sale and Nikola Tesla was not, thus they put Mr. Edison on top of the electrical world and always failed to recognize Tesla. In school we heard of Thomas Edison but did you ever hear Nikola Tesla's name?.

Frequency and Electricity, Are They Connected:

electricity can be described in terms of frequency. Frequency is a fundamental characteristic of electrical signals and refers to the number of cycles or oscillations that occur per unit of time.

In alternating current (AC) systems, which are commonly used for power transmission and distribution, the flow of electric current oscillates back and forth. The current changes direction periodically, resulting in a sinusoidal waveform. The frequency of an AC signal is measured in hertz (Hz) and represents the number of complete cycles per second.

In many parts of the world, the standard frequency for AC power systems is 50 or 60 Hz. This means that the direction of the current changes 50 or 60 times per second, resulting in a smooth oscillating flow of electricity.

Frequency is also relevant in other aspects of electricity, such as electronic signals in telecommunications and digital systems. In these applications, electrical signals can have various frequencies, including radio frequencies, microwave frequencies, and higher frequencies used in digital circuits.

In summary, frequency is an essential property of electrical signals, particularly in AC systems, where it represents the rate of oscillation or cycles per second. Understanding and controlling the frequency of electrical signals is crucial for efficient power transmission, electronic communication, and various other applications of electricity.


It is my belief that everything in the universe is made up so that all is connected by frequency, thus everything is our bodies use frequency to hear, touch, see and smell. If you would ask a scientist about frequency, you would hear about how they use and measure frequency to gather all kinds of data.

So healing the human anatomy using frequency, sounds like the natural way to do things. But instead, we have been programed ever since we can remember that, if you need healing, we need to go to the doctor and have drugs prescribed to us.

When in fact many people besides me believe, that is totally wrong and most of the time gives people other issues later on in life.

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