"From Transformers to Celestial Angels: Metatron vs. Megatron -  Who are They ? ___________________

"From Transformers to Celestial Angels: Metatron vs. Megatron -  Who are They ? ___________________

Jan 12, 2024

Metatron: Who is He?

Today, let's take a journey into the stories of two iconic figures—Metatron, the celestial being, and Megatron, the infamous Decepticon from the Transformers universe. On the surface, they might seem light-years apart, but as we look into their tales, there are surprising parallels and distinctions in their narratives..

Metatron, the angel with a unique twist, was once a mortal human on Earth before a divine upgrade to celestial status. Picture the righteous prophet Enoch, strolling the earthly realm before God handpicked him for a major transformation into Metatron. But who is Metatron exactly?

  1. How would you feel if the God of Moses spoke to you and gave you an opportunity to go work in the heavenly realms.?

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Let's dig a little deeper into Metatron and the Bible. This celestial player, also nicknamed "the Youth" in certain texts, had a vital role to play. In the third book of Enoch, he takes on the role of a heavenly priest and the angel who guided the Israelites through the wilderness post-Egyptian exodus.

Exodus 23:21 throws a spotlight on his gig as a guide and protector.

In ancient texts and mystic traditions, the name Metatron echoes as one of the two angels who once walked the Earth as mortals. The righteous prophet Enoch, transformed into Metatron by the divine will of God, holds a prominent position. Metatron is a celestial being vested with significant authority.

The connection between "Metatron" and the world of Transformers is nothing but the name, "Where the creators of 'Transformers' created a derivative of the name 'Metatron. "Although the name might evoke thoughts of robots in disguise, it's actually the name God gave Enoch when the Lord swept him up with a chariot. This chariot looked like it was on fire; it was lit up like a Christmas tree with 'fiery flames.'" So, Metatron was and still is the first ever human to be given the chance to go work for God up in the "heavenly realms."

Megatron: Who is He?

Now, let's transition to the animated realm of Transformers, where Megatron asserts himself as the formidable leader of the Decepticons. Forged by the Quintessons on the factory world of Cybertron, Megatron undergoes a distinctive form of transformation—one rooted in robotics. Amidst the conflict between Autobots and Decepticons, Megatron's ambitious pursuits disrupt the Golden Age of Cybertron, leading to his eventual rebirth as Galvatron.


The Transformer Connection:

Metatron: The Angelic Ascendant

Megatron: Machine that can transform from, (machine to robot)

Metatron and Megatron share similarities in their names and roles as powerful beings, but they originate from different contexts and serve distinct purposes.


  1. Powerful Names: Both names end in "-tron," suggesting power and strength. This similarity contributes to their imposing and commanding presence.
  2. Leadership Roles: Both figures hold significant leadership roles in their respective realms. Metatron is often associated with being a celestial leader, while Megatron leads the Decepticons in the Transformers universe.


  1. Nature and Origin: Metatron is traditionally considered an angel, believed to have once been a mortal human named Enoch. On the other hand, Megatron is a fictional character from the Transformers franchise, a robotic leader created by the Quintessons on the planet Cybertron.
  2. Purpose and Alignment: Metatron is often associated with positive qualities and serves as a mediator between heaven and Earth. In contrast, Megatron, as a Decepticon, is commonly portrayed as an antagonist, driven by a desire for power and control.
  3. Existence: Metatron is often regarded in religious and mystical contexts as an angelic being. In contrast, Megatron is a fictional character created for entertainment purposes in the world of Transformers.

In summary, while Metatron and Megatron share some surface-level similarities, their differences lie in their origins, nature, purposes, and the realms they inhabit. Metatron is a figure with religious and mystical significance, while Megatron is a character born from the realm of science fiction and entertainment.

In this intertwining of ancient mysticism and futuristic animation, both Metatron and Megatron share a common thread of profound transformation.

While Metatron embodies celestial ascendance,

Megatron symbolizes a revolutionary shift in the robotic realm.

The Verdict:

"The narratives of these two characters offer a rich tapestry that spans ancient mysticism. They share only a name, which is similar in its meanings, contributing to the rich intrigue of each role they embody."
"In the end, whether angelic or robotic, both Metatron and Megatron offer a diverse array of stories. Their similarities lie in themes of transformation, leadership."

As we appreciate the depth of their narratives, we find that both offer lessons—Metatron about the divine-human connection,


Megatron about the consequences of unchecked ambition. So, whether you're contemplating the heavens or watching animated battles on Cybertron, remember:


Author GoldWiz; shared his thoughts and feelings over the names (Megatron vs Metatron) The back ground of the names and of course, when GoldWiz was growing up his favorite toys to play with were "Transformers."

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