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Finding Additional Ways to Pay The Bills

Jan 03, 2024

Many folks start off really excited about a side job they think is perfect. They dream about using the extra money or quitting their regular jobs once the side gig works out. But, before reaching halfway to success, they suddenly give up. They make excuses, saying the side gig isn't working. They might even convince themselves their regular job is much easier and they're happier with what they have.


Having the right mindset is important for success. Some people have the skills and talent but give up when life gets tough. Why is that? Maybe they didn't want their dreams badly enough or they like their lives the way they are. It's all about mindset. Not everyone is ready to work hard and take control of their lives. Working hard means stepping out of your comfort zone.

Some people are okay with what they have now. They lack the drive and passion to make their dreams come true, and that's okay. It's their choice. Some may be jaded and cynical because they've seen many fail and only a few succeed. They think they can't beat the odds and have already failed.

But you don't have to be like them. You don't have to feel the same way. Let's not get discouraged when you hear about others failing their side jobs.

Your mind is incredible—it can drive you toward your dreams or bury them before you start. But here's the key: you control your mind; it doesn't control you! To make your life better, step out of your comfort zone. Doing the same things won't bring success.

In the world of side hustles and entrepreneurship, your mindset matters. Change from negative to positive thinking. If not, you'll stay stuck in the same jobs, leading to an uncomfortable, mediocre, and ultimately, unhappy life. Take charge, change your thinking, and unlock the potential in your mind.

Succeed In The Hustle

To succeed in your side hustle, know your "why." Why do you want to pursue the side hustle? Who are you doing it for? What do you aim to achieve? Whether it's more money or freedom from the rat race, always remember your "why." Success can be exhausting, with moments of doubt. When you feel tired or the world is against you, recalling your "why" will bring back motivation and focus on your goals.

Your mindset is the most important to side hustle success. If your dreams lack passion, maybe you're pursuing the wrong goals. Get your mindset right first, or you'll struggle for months, delaying success. Chase goals you're passionate about with the right mindset for better results. Successful side hustlers and entrepreneurs have this powerful combo, setting them apart from failures. Take time to know yourself, prepare your thinking, and ask if you're ready for a significant life challenge.


With limited free time due to a full-time job, choose a side hustle that maximizes your skills. Identify your skills, considering work experiences and acquired talents. Assess the marketability and demand for these skills. Low-level skills face more competition, offering less immediate income. Less competition and can bring in more cash. For instance, babysitting requires fewer special skills, while copywriting and web design are more technical and in demand. Opt for a side hustle that pays more for your time, such as copywriting or web designing, to maximize your earnings in the limited free hours each week.

A well-paying side hustle is crucial when quitting your day job. Identify your skills and strengths to make good money. If you're skilled in writing or web design but want a stress-free side hustle, that's your choice. There's no right or wrong answer; goals vary. Some seek extra cash, others aim to replace their day job, and some want enjoyment alongside earnings.

It's better to do what you love; passion fuels growth. You can turn a passion like babysitting into more than just babysitting, offering additional services. Your side hustle's success depends on the time you invest. Stick with what feels right, listen to your heart, and avoid regrets later in life.

Believe in "time is money"? Spend time on what you're good at; outsource tasks you struggle with. Initially, handle everything in your side hustle, but as it grows, consider outsourcing tasks that slow you down or don't enjoy, especially if you have a day job. Investing early in tools and resources can ease scaling. If you lack substantial funds, success may take longer, but avoid comparing progress to others.

For instance, blogging, you may start alone, handling content creation, site design, and promotion. It's time-consuming, but your passion keeps you going. Once you decide on outsourcing content creation, this will allow more content, faster growth, and replicate your efforts in less time.

Outsourcing costs money, but view it as an investment in your business. Finding the right people is challenging, but building healthy relationships helps your overall business agenda. Remember, spending money on the right things can generate more money in the long run.

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